MMB Networks - Hardware and software automating connectivity to IoT platforms


MMB’s embedded software modules and firmware help companies quickly smart enable their products for the home, while ensuring they are compatible with all major smart home platforms on the market – Google, Apple, Amazon, Samsung and others.

The smart home has reached an inflection point and is becoming mainstream. Everything in the home will be connected: lights, thermostats, door locks, window blinds, pool pumps, appliances – everything. Any company that touches on the home is working to develop products for this emerging growth market. However, most companies do not have the in-house expertise necessary to develop and maintain the embedded firmware and application layer software necessary to stay current with on going developments.

MMB provides a wide range of companies, like GE, SolarCity, IBM, and others with the technology and know-how to smart enable their products for the home. Its robust technology platform is now being applied to other large markets in commercial sectors with partners like GE.