Morgan Solar - Concentrated PV solar module


Morgan Solar (MS) is well positioned to take a significant portion of the fast-growing global solar market. MS’s concentrated PV (CPV) technology, under development since 2008, has a target cost well below current market leaders.

Unlike many solar module manufacturers, it can scale manufacturing quickly using ‘off the shelf’ equipment and is entering full commercial production on two products. The ultra-thin Sun Simba(TM) optic collects and guides sunlight onto a small, highly efficient triple-junction solar cell.  Targeted efficiency is approx. 35-45%, compared to < 18% for traditional PV. The self-ballasted, dual-axis tracker Savannah(TM), requires no civil works, and is sold separately. Both are protected by a large umbrella of patents.

MS targets large-scale solar developers in areas of high DNI (Direct Normal Irradiance) like India, the Middle East, SW US, and N. Africa. Morgan Solar is backed by a number of strategic investors including the Kuwaiti Investment Authority, Enbridge and Iberdrola.


[Green Tech Media] Morgan Solar, One of the Last Remaining Concentrating PV Firms, Wins 10MW Project: Morgan Solar, a concentrating photovoltaic manufacturer based in Toronto, has partnered with pipeline giant Enbridge to build the largest solar project in Alberta, the fossil-fuel heartland of Canada: Alberta Solar One. (May 11, 2016)