Four Op-eds; Waking the Frog

The National Observer published a series of four op-eds, summarizing the main themes in Rand's recent best-seller Waking the Frog: Solutions to our Climate Change Paralysis.  

Climate Denial's Siren Song - a discussion of why belief in climate disruption is so difficult for humans to take on board cultural norms embedded in unconscious world-views; distinguishing passive from active denial; strategies to get around our cognitive defences.

Myth of the Free Market vs Creative Complexity - historical analysis of the priority of 'free' over 'market' reveals limits of out-of-date-math in describing the modern global economy; modern dynamical systems theory as a more useful tool in understanding how to make the market work for and not against climate action; pricing carbon as the single most effective tool in our arsenal - unique in its ability to both harness and unleash market forces to solve our climate problem.

The Dismal Science - (with apologies to my economist friends) a discussion of the limits of quantitive analysis of climate risk; climate uncertainties as where the 'monsters lie'; a new language of folk psychology as a means to capture truth conditions of climate risks.

The Fossil Fuel Party is Over - So What's the Good News? - clean energy as increasingly competitive; why that's not enough to solve our problem; how to turbo-charge solutions; why costs of climate action are easy to bear.