29th June 2015

Four Op-eds; Waking the Frog

The National Observer published a series of four op-eds, summarizing the main themes in Rand’s recent best-seller Waking the Frog: Solutions to our Climate Change Paralysis.   Climate Denial’s Siren Song – a discussion of why belief in climate disruption is so difficult for humans to take on board cultural norms embedded in unconscious world-views; […]


15th June 2015

Rand on Lang: A Series of Debates w/ Fraser Institute

(listed from latest to earliest) June 16 – Talking oil sands moratorium. “The math doesn’t work …” May 4 – On Tesla Energy’s new Powerwall energy storage solution. “Teaching old dogs new tricks” (starts @ 28:00) ——————- April 20 – On Environment Canada’s latest report that (no surprise!) we’ll miss our 2020 emissions targets. (starts @28:00) ——————- […]


5th May 2015

The Other Upside of a Price on Carbon

By: Murray McCaig, Managing Partner There has been a lot of negative commentary and analysis on Ontario’s recently announced carbon cap-and-trade proposal.  The summary would be (1) cap-and-trade programs are overly complex, open to ‘gaming’ of the system, and consequently no global jurisdiction has successfully implemented such a program; and (2) the program is not tax neutral in […]


15th April 2015

Ontario’s Cap-and-Trade (Globe & Mail Op-Ed)

Op-Ed by Managing Partner Tom Rand (Globe & Mail, April 14th) discussing emerging role of sub-national jurisdictions on Canadian climate policy. The Provinces get it: Carbon pricing can be simple and efficient More coverage: – on CBC Radio’s Ontario Today (Rand starts 18:20) – on CBC Radio’s Metro Morning with Matt Galloway   (Full text […]