24th March 2015

All Great Parties Come to and End …

Published in The Embassy and the Hill Times. Full pdf here: All great parties come t…oreign Policy Newspaper Original text follows: The fossil fuel party has been great. Plentiful, low-cost hydrocarbons pulled humans out of the muck and into the 21st century. For many Canadians, life is grand – we fly on vacation, drink wine from […]


11th March 2015

“Five Big Ideas” Canada2020

Rand spoke recently at Canada2020’s Five Big Ideas event in Ottawa; speak to ways we might break our paralysis on climate change, the talk covers psychology, markets, finance and economics. Yes, in 15 minutes. Five speakers, with a TED-style 15 minute time for each. Canada2020 is one of Canada’s leading progressive policy think-tanks.   5 […]


11th February 2015

Rand on Lang: A Series of Debates w/ Fraser Institute

(listed from latest to earliest) March 9 – On rail safety following yet another bitumen rail disaster. ——————-   Feb 23 – On SaskPower’s Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) project: While unlikely to scale, CCS deserves exploration as we might wish we had it in coming years.  … ——————–   Feb 9 – On Trudeau’s […]


1st February 2015

Hydrostor in Financial Post

How one company plans to store energy in giant balloons under Lake Ontario Early coverage for Hydrostor on their Toronto Hydro plant in Lake Ontario. Article link above.


9th January 2015

2015: Solar’s Rise, Oil’s Demise

Oil prices have dominated the energy news in the later half of 2014, particularly here in Canada where, in recent decades, we have unfortunately become more dependent on volatile and uncertain oil revenues.  This story has overshadowed solar’s quiet but very successful struggle against fossil fuel based electricity generation. We are at the beginning of […]