25th July 2015

Green Bonds – the details

Interest in “Green Bonds” is increasing these days; heavily emphasized in a recent interview with Managing Partner Tom Rand. For clarity, below is the text of a detailed policy proposal Rand worked on as an Action Canada Fellow in 2008/9. Its details feature a uniquely productive interplay between the public and private sectors – public […]


17th July 2015

Trade Energy East for hard cap in Alberta? (G&M op-ed)

Tom Rand’s latest op-ed in the Globe and Mail: Premiers musn’t let spilled oil become a red herring –  in which he argues Premiers Kathleen Wynne and Rachel Notley have an historic opportunity: trade Ontario’s approval of TransCanada’s Energy East pipeline for hard emission cap (and coal phaseout) in Alberta. Like all good compromises, everyone […]


29th June 2015

Four Op-eds; Waking the Frog

The National Observer published a series of four op-eds, summarizing the main themes in Rand’s recent best-seller Waking the Frog: Solutions to our Climate Change Paralysis.   Climate Denial’s Siren Song – a discussion of why belief in climate disruption is so difficult for humans to take on board cultural norms embedded in unconscious world-views; […]


15th June 2015

Rand on Lang: A Series of Debates w/ Fraser Institute

(listed from latest to earliest) July 27th – $180 B of energy reduction projects announced by US Corp giants (Apple, GE, Goldman, etc) … Fraser Institute talks “crony capitalist” nonsense. That and the Tim’s controversy … June 30 – Talking hydrogen-powered vehicles … June 16 – Talking oil sands moratorium. “The math doesn’t work …” […]