2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray
18th August 2014

SmarterAlloys: Bringing metal alloys to life

SmarterAlloys enables metal alloys and even plastic polymers to behave like artificial muscle, changing shape on demand.  SmarterAlloys is the only company in the world with the ability to embed multiple permanent memories or pseudo-elastic forces into a single shape memory alloy (SMA).  Until now, only a single memory or force profile could be programmed into an SMA, […]


Gen III Sun Simba in the field ...
11th August 2014

Morgan Solar: Next-generation solar is born

Hard to believe solar energy can be disrupted yet again, particularly after the precipitous fall in solar panel pricing over the last several years. Well – it can. Canadian cleantech star Morgan Solar is set to deliver the world’s lowest-cost, highest-yield grid-scale solar energy with their much-anticipated Savannah and Sun Simba products. Watch for 5c/kwh solar […]


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20th June 2014

Pipeline Politics

With the recent (unsurprising) approval by the feds of the controversial Northern Gateway pipeline, attention re-focussed on Canada’s energy sector. Pipeline politics are a lightning rod for a larger discussion about climate, carbon, fuels and energy innovation. Managing Partner Tom Rand weighs in … On Evan Solomon’s Power & Politics …   On CBC Radio’s […]


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28th May 2014

Canadian Business Journal on Low-Carbon Assets

Canadian Business Journal picked up on a recurring theme for us here at ArcTern Ventures: the head-to-head comparison of traditional energy resources and the emerging class of low-carbon assets. Here, Woodland Biofuels is examined. In future posts, we’ll look at a Hydrostor + Wind model.


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14th April 2014

Rand on Lang & O’Leary Interview

More business leaders are starting to take notice of the IPCC’s on-going analysis of climate impacts and means of mitigation. Amanda Lang brings it mainstream with an insightful interview on Lang & O’Leary on themes developed in Tom Rand’s recent book Waking the Frog: Solution for our Climate Change Paralysis.