Smart Energy Instruments (SEI) - Real time data for smart grids


SEI’s chipset brings unprecedented accuracy and visibility to the grid at an ultra-low price point that enables ubiquitous deployment across the distribution network. Founder and CEO Jeff Dionne, co-creator of the μClinux, brings unique expertise in chip design to the power sector. SEI’s chipset, protected by a strong umbrella of intellectual property, is comprised of an analog front end and digital back.

The precise time-synchronized measurements bring greater-than-synchrophasor power at orders of magnitude lower cost. SEI is not so much a sensor as the basis of a new platform of intelligent power electronics. The combination of high granularity, embedded communication/control layers, time synchronization and low cost is unique across the power industry.

Through partnerships and licensing with large OEMs and utilities, SEI enables high-value utility applications like traveling wave and waveform-based fault detection and micro-accurate grid state detection as well underwriting Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications like multi-point industrial equipment monitoring.