Smarter Alloys - Innovator in shape memory materials


Smarter Alloys enables metal alloys to behave like muscle. It is the world’s only company capable of programming multiple memories or pseudo elasticities into a single Shape Memory Alloy (SMA). SMAs are a special group of metals that can be modified to change shape with temperature or electrification, but until now, no one had figured out how to program multiple memories in a single SMA.

This breakthrough platform technology is being applied across a broad range of industrial sectors – automotive (actuators), medical devices (stents, orthodontic wires), energy (waste heat engine), apparel (shoes, bras), recreation equipment (golf clubs), aerospace (wings), and others. Smarter Alloys enables the creation of products that have never before been imagined; it makes products smarter, cheaper, lighter, and more efficient.

The state-of-the-art design and production facility in Ontario is now supplying commercial volumes to major global partners. Its brilliant team of engineers is working on many additional patentable breakthroughs around intelligent metal alloys and polymers.