Sparq - Next gen microinverter for residential solar


Sparq produces a next generation power microinverter for residential solar installations that supports the new smart grid functionality requirements of electrical utilities.

Unlike competitors, it is a long life product due to its novel use of film capacitors; while its unique four-in-one design makes it both low cost and easy to install. The small system, distributed solar market is the fastest growing solar sector worldwide, as energy closer to the point-of-use is more valuable. Microinverters are ideally suited to small installations as they are safe and require no complicated system engineering, however, the market leader, Enphase has experienced challenges with its product life.

Sparq is well positioned to solve the current challenges of the microinverter sector and is making strong progress in emerging countries where the standard residential installation size is often just a few solar panels, which makes large centralized power inverters too expensive.