Woodland Biofuels - Next gen cellulosic ethanol producer


Very few next-generation cellulosic fuel producers can compete directly with fossils without subsidies. Woodland has shown with their Sarnia demonstration plant, built by Zeton and operated in conjunction with engineering firm AMEC, that they can do just that.

Next generation biofuel companies currently have steep discounts as a result of high publicity failures (e.g. Kior). We believe the market has mistakenly discounted the entire sector when significant technical differences exist. Woodland’s proprietary three-step catalytic process converts syngas (gasified wood or agricultural waste) into ethanol, and has been de-risked with substantial operation at relevant scale.

In addition, their IP covers any process from syngas to ethanol, including syngas from reformed natural gas. Woodland’s low capital equipment costs provide for highly attractive returns on commercial plant investments, which produce 20-50 million gallon/yr. Current market focus is with multiple partners in China, with initial commercial plant planned for Canada.