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Arctern Ventures

ArcTern Ventures (formerly the MaRS Cleantech Fund) is a privately-backed venture capital fund that provides early-stage capital to companies developing breakthrough ideas in the cleantech sector.   The Fund has developed a unique early-stage investment model through its partnership with MaRS, one of the largest innovation centres in world.

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  • Is cleantech too capital intensive?

    By: Murray McCaig, Managing Partner and Jennifer Stoneburgh, Associate, MaRS Cleantech Some “shaken” investors have walked away from the cleantech sector, claiming that it is too “capital intensive.” Is cleantech really any different from other sectors? And what do they mean by “capital intensive”? When applied to startups, the term “capital intensive” is unclear, so we
  • Oil and gas incumbents: the upside of cleantech collaboration

    By: Tom Rand, Managing Partner The global transition a low-carbon economy is now inevitable. There will be winners and losers. Under pressure from institutional investors, energy incumbents (including recently ExxonMobile) are starting to reveal their ‘carbon risk’- traditional reserves left as stranded assets due to carbon constraints. One way to release that pressure is to
  • Polar Sapphire: Driving down LED costs

    Polar Sapphire‘s proprietary process produces the world’s lowest cost, highest purity alumina. High purity alumina faces growing demand, driven primarily by the growth in LED lighting market – but secondary (and highly disruptive) demand may be created by emerging markets like sapphire smart phone glass (see Apple’s recent announcement relating to sapphire ingot production), lithium-ion