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Arctern Ventures

ArcTern Ventures (formerly the MaRS Cleantech Fund) is a privately-backed venture capital fund that provides early-stage capital to companies developing breakthrough ideas in the cleantech sector.   The Fund has developed a unique early-stage investment model through its partnership with MaRS, one of the largest innovation centres in world.

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  • SmarterAlloys: Bringing metal alloys to life

    SmarterAlloys enables metal alloys and even plastic polymers to behave like artificial muscle, changing shape on demand.  SmarterAlloys is the only company in the world with the ability to embed multiple permanent memories or pseudo-elastic forces into a single shape memory alloy (SMA).  Until now, only a single memory or force profile could be programmed into an SMA,
  • Morgan Solar: Next-generation solar is born

    Hard to believe solar energy can be disrupted yet again, particularly after the precipitous fall in solar panel pricing over the last several years. Well – it can. Canadian cleantech star Morgan Solar is set to deliver the world’s lowest-cost, highest-yield grid-scale solar energy with their much-anticipated Savannah and Sun Simba products. Watch for 5c/kwh solar
  • Is cleantech too capital intensive?

    By: Murray McCaig, Managing Partner and Jennifer Stoneburgh, Associate, MaRS Cleantech Some “shaken” investors have walked away from the cleantech sector, claiming that it is too “capital intensive.” Is cleantech really any different from other sectors? And what do they mean by “capital intensive”? When applied to startups, the term “capital intensive” is unclear, so we