The aim of the European Union Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) is to improve transparency, prevent greenwashing, and create a common language among Financial Market Participants around sustainable investing.

At ArcTern Ventures, our primary investment objective is climate change mitigation in the form of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, we are concerned with other environmental and social impacts, and the governance of our portfolio companies. By classifying our Fund III as an Article 9 (“dark green”) fund under SFDR, ArcTern is committed to disclosing how our investments contribute to environmental objectives while having no adverse environmental, social, or governance impacts.

Read ArcTern’s Fund III Sustainability Related Disclosure

To support our investors in making informed decisions on sustainable investment, ArcTern has published entity-level sustainable finance disclosures as per the SFDR.

Read ArcTern’s Sustainable Finance Disclosures
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