CircuitMeter - Granular energy data analytics for commercial and industrial buildings


Commercial and industrial electrical billing remains in the dark ages, providing little to no granularity or real-time analysis. We believe all electricity will be metered in real-time at the circuit level in commercial buildings.

CircuitMeter’s (CM) proprietary financial-grade technology hits a price point that allows measurement of every circuit of energy consumption across a portfolio of real assets. The data is compressed and sent to the cloud, allowing multiple analytics across an entire portfolio – by equipment type, building, history, employee behavior, etc. Equipment can be monitored against baseline use to alert staff of drift, abnormal operation or predictive failure or compared against similar equipment in other buildings to evaluate performance.

In addition to a suite of analytical tools, CM’s API allows utilities and energy management companies to build their own branded dashboards detailing energy use and providing actionable analytics. Eventually, real-time circuit-level monitoring will be a new utility billing standard – Bruce Power is leading that charge.


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