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Venture Capital for a Better Planet.

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Since 2012, we’ve been investing in entrepreneurs obsessed with solving humanity’s greatest challenges—climate change and sustainability. We’re former startup founders ourselves, we get it, and like you, we believe technology can save our planet. #earthtech

Wherever you operate, if your startup solves a carbon problem or a sustainability issue, we want to hear about it.

We work hands-on with founders, lending them our expertise—and our global network—to help accelerate their success.

In our previous lives, each of our partners founded and led the growth of many successful startups from idea to exit.


Earthtech will underpin a new, sustainable global economy.

Artificial intelligence and quantum computing will squeeze out efficiencies everywhere.

New molecules for sustainable materials will be discovered in days, not years.

Most mouth-watering meat will be lab grown, not raised.

All forms of transport will be autonomous and electric.


Our Investment Focus

Sustainability is embedded in every investment decision we make. We partner with bold founders to help them scale breakthrough solutions that will accelerate our response to climate change. We believe outsized financial returns will come as a result of making significant impacts.

Key sectors of interest:

Clean Energy

Greening the supply side of energy, including a wide range of renewables and storage.

Energy Efficiency and Storage

Technology that reduces energy demand across all sectors, consumer to heavy industrial.

Circular Economy

Sustainable solutions that will help us accelerate the shift to a fully circular economy.

Advanced Manufacturing and Materials

New technologies that produce goods using much less energy and fewer resources.


Efficient movement of people and things, one of the fastest-changing sectors of today.

Food Systems

Innovations that help us feed the planet while reducing GHGs and ecological impact.

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